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The Process To Become A Successful Trader

Trading Is Very , Very, Very, Hard

The first thing I do everyday when I sit down at my trading station is write down this exact sentence ” my #1 goal is to be a successful trader. I am so happy and grateful I am a successful trader”. I have written this exact sentence thousands of times. I have had to remind myself of the old saying ” I’m I willing to do whatever it takes?”  Can I withstand the hard work and demoralization of being a trader? Can I withstand the financial losses that will happen in the beginning? Can I withstand the storm of trading for 3-5 years before success comes my way? These questions need to be asked with the utmost of honesty. Should I be trading if I’m not going to treat trading as my own professional business?

Here are some cold hard truths everyone should know if they want to be a trader.

  • The work is going to be extremely difficult and hard
  • Trading is extremely difficult and hard
  • It will take years of trading for most people to even start making money consistently
  • Trading can and will take you to some of your lowest points
  • Are you willing to go to any lengths
  • You need a mentor
  • You need a lot of time
  • You need capital

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If you learn edges that truly work and don’t give up then eventually your goals can be realized.

Happy Trading,


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