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The #1 Skill To Learn For Trading

Your Ability To Focus….

It really is about that old cliche saying ( Jack of all trades and master of none).. Try not to be that guy. Focus on one thing and get really good at that one thing. Focus on your process to trading and maybe certain or specific types of trades. Focus on the markets, on the movements of price action and structure. Envision being a trader.

The etymology of Sin is Latin for ‘guilty’ however the word Sin was originally used to describe ‘Miss The Mark’. So hit the target. To hit the target you have to focus and focus on just one thing- TRADING..




Turn off Facebook, twitter and anything else that pulls your attention elsewhere. Remember that we have limited brain power and trading is extremely difficult, so do you really think you can accomplish success with it unless you are entirely focused.

Learn to compartmentalize, when I am working I focus on work, when I am trading I focus on trading, when I am cleaning I focus on cleaning.

A little secret to help you stay lazer beam focused.

One of the tools I have used to help me increase this skill set is to quiet the mind. To turn the mind down and lower its speed. If you ever notice our minds can race with thoughts and keep us up at night because we think to much. Certain types of meditation can lower and quite the mind. Bringing your thoughts out of your head and into your body is one good way to slow the mind. For instance lets say your are having trouble sleeping and your brain is racing , bring your thoughts from your mind to focus on strictly your breathing. Practice this regularly, like any other skill set practice , practice and practice some more. Slow the mind and focus on your trading….

Happy Trading,



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