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Trading The 2016 Election

Election prediction and post election market analysis. Happy Trading,

The #1 Skill To Learn For Trading

Your Ability To Focus…. It really is about that old cliche saying ( Jack of all trades and master of none).. Try not to be that guy. Focus on one thing and get really good at that one thing. Focus on your process to trading and maybe certain or specific types of trades. Focus on the markets, on the movements … Continue reading

Market Update For 6/6/2016

Current trades and thought process for this week.   Happy Trading,

Market Update 5/28/2016

Short video and update on the current market. Be sure to click on the gear icon and change to HD.   Happy Trading,  

The Process To Become A Successful Trader

Trading Is Very , Very, Very, Hard The first thing I do everyday when I sit down at my trading station is write down this exact sentence ” my #1 goal is to be a successful trader. I am so happy and grateful I am a successful trader”. I have written this exact sentence thousands of times. I have had … Continue reading

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