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A letter to all traders for 2018

Notes from the desk of Glenn Lucero Why this year might pose challengers on your trading and what you can do about them. 2017 was a breakthrough year in my trading. I traded roughly 50,000 shares and had the best performance so far.  My quantitative analysis ran deep and I applied more work into the markets then before. I was … Continue reading

A Transformation

I am not good at writing, especially writing in blog format so I think I will create more video content. However, trading requires a transformation and that transformation is long and slow for most but if you fall in love with the work as I have then it becomes incredibly rewarding   Don’t give up ,   Please follow and … Continue reading

Valuable Lesson On Take Profit And Stop Loss Placement

Be sure to watch this video ideally in HD. Happy Trading, Glenn Lucero p.s Always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions Please follow and like us:

What Tools Do You Need To Be A Successful Trader

Change your thinking, change your trading. I heard a fitness guru say ” expensive equipment creates the cheap mover, cheap equipment creates a great mover”. Quite interesting to think about since my mindset usually defaults to getting the best tools period. I have been confusing cheap and price. Cheap tools are still cheap and should not be used , meaning … Continue reading

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