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Art, Skill Sets and Getting Into Flow

After stringing together days, weeks and now months of continuous action that produces results I have discovered something. Developing other arts, working on other skill sets can improve your trading. My experience has been that if I can keep my brain in the habit of developing new skills it stays elastic and does not become rigid in thinking or physical connections. I have been developing new skills in motorcycle racing and one of those skills is to turn fast. To turn fast you have to lean the bike sideways in order to keep your body from flying off the bike.

Image result for motorcycle knee down

When this is practiced and done properly with the correct body and head position something interesting happens. Time and space begin to slow down and move slowly. Even though you can be going into the corner at 80 mph everything slows down and you become in a trance like state of flow. Once in flow something magical happens and this is the same type of magic that happens in trading. With accurate self-awareness and target like focus I can get into flow when trading. Interweaving these (meaning practicing more skills than one at a time) can produce powerful results and the brain can get in the habit of flow. It is almost like a drug and is hard to write about but I wanted to share something powerful here. The message behind this is to use the same skill sets for trading (discipline, hard work, research, art, science, repetition and critical thinking) to develop other skill sets. Once you learn other skill sets reflect back onto trading and the cycle continues. If you have experiences this then you know the magic here, if you have not then you have a goal to strive for that can be life changing.

Your Friend

Glenn Lucero

p.s I am a horrible writer :(

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