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A letter to all traders for 2018

Notes from the desk of Glenn Lucero

Why this year might pose challengers on your trading and what you can do about them.

2017 was a breakthrough year in my trading. I traded roughly 50,000 shares and had the best performance so far.  My quantitative analysis ran deep and I applied more work into the markets then before. I was bullish and extremely bullish most of the year and it made me think deeply about mean reversion and contrarian trading styles. I am well aware of the statistical fact that most stocks do mean revert however that would have been a painful way to scrape out profit in this highly trending market.

In my humble opinion 2018 will have some speed humps and it might be wise to think about them now. Cryptocurrency will take a lot of sentiment this year and I believe the buzz will be going around for some time now. I think it is important to remember when you are trading, when you are investing and when you are buying a lottery ticket. All of these are ok but all of these are different.

2018 will have negative sentiment on a coming crash. It is possible this will likely lead to another bullish year in stocks but of course that evidence can change. The more market participants that stay out of the market due to fear will only fuel the rally from players who are in.

But more importantly I want to emphasize something powerful that can help in your trading. I have various mentors in my life. My trading mentor stated that trading is like building a wall. My fitness mentor stated to focus on being a craftsman rather than a success story.  Let’s talk about these because it is extremely important.

The end results of trading will be boring, repetitious habits of performing the same work every day and every weekend. It almost becomes robot like however at the same time you fall in love with the work. Your day is not complete unless you perform your market work.

Here are two cold hard truths! To be a successful trader you have to have an edge. If you don’t know if you have an edge then that could be a very bad sign. The second is trading takes a very long time to become successful or even breakeven…. Ponder that for some time and really decide if you can lose money for years and be content with that? Trading will require a transformation and transformations take time.

Honestly I have been reluctant to work with and help other traders because intrinsically I know that they really won’t do the work. I think this opinion was short sighted because maybe one or two of you will and that will always be worth it.

Stay in touch ( p.s ) I think I will start some webinars soon J

Glenn Lucero

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